The photographer

Philippos Marakis

Philippos was born and raised in Crete, Greece.

His passion with the sea and the marine life started from his early age. As an enthusiast diver, and photographer the combination between them was unavoidable. He studied Ichthyology.

As an Ichthyologist - diver, Philippos is a proud member & researcher of iSea working on a project for the invasive marine species in Mediterranean sea .

Philippos is a certified EANx diving Instructor by IANTD.

For years was a member of the Photographic society of the University of Crete

Nowadays Philippos explores the seabed with his camera and through his lens, give us magical moments from places that are not easily seen.

Many of his photos have already been published in media, in several worldwide famous websites, scientific articles and magazines.

In 2017 in the International Underwater Photography Contest held in Belgrade, (ADA Οpen IUPC 2017) Philippos won the 4th place in ambient category and the 5th in Macro category.

On May 2017 Philippos presented us his first solo underwater photography exhibition with title "My Greece" in Basilica of Saint Mark in Crete .

Now "My Greece" is hosted in Natural History Museum of Crete and as Philippos says it is the most special moment for him until now.

Exhibitions - Presentations

  • 2017. "My Greece" Natural History Museum of Crete , Crete - solo exhibition
  • 2017. "Kyklos" Second festival "Tehni Kathodon" of Municipality of Heraklion , Crete - solo exhibition
  • 2017. "Contact" Vitouri gate , Crete - group FOPK exhibition
  • 2017. "My Greece" Basilica of St. Mark , Crete - solo exhibition
  • 2016. "Underwater photography" presentation - ΔιαRτηριτεο (FOPK)
  • 2016. "Women of Crete" Vithleem gate, Crete - group Municipality of Heraklion exhibition
  • 2016. "Metamorphosis" Vitouri gate, Crete - group FOPK exhibition


  • 2017. International Underwater Photography Contest (IUPC) ADA Open Belgrade - 5th place macro category
  • 2017. International Underwater Photography Contest (IUPC) ADA Open Belgrade - 4th place ambient category
  • 2016. Water of our world - special category award


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Location: Heraklion, Crete, Greece
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